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In an attempt to make conscious design affordable and available to all disparities of the society, Mu.S.Ex assists individuals designing their own homes. In order to maximise the inclusion of human psychology in the architectural domain, we consult with various designers in helping them understand how their spaces might influence the user.

Using the knowledge we gain from our research, the designers at Mu.S.Ex have in view to provide the user with the best product, interior, architectural and landscape designs by skillfully designing spatial contexts that are sensitive and empathetic. We also look at alternative ways to reduce costs and provide retrofitted solutions to existing contexts.

Individuals from the fields of architecture, design, interior, psychology, neuroscience and psychiatry have come together to dwell into the unfathomed knowledge base of this space-mind intersection. This research is then intended to take the form of published reading materials for all kinds  of readers, designers and non-design professionals who could learn, benefit from and contribute  to this knowledge.

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