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Design Dialogues :
Exploring Architectural Careers in Futurist India

The architectural profession seems to be depreciating in value. The rate at which our country is producing architects is concerning to the professionals in the industry. Graduates are seeking jobs in a field that was solely intended to be entrepreneurial. 

The series fearlessly discusses the issues with the field and draws up conversations around what can be fixed in practice and pedagogy so that the industry might regain its lost importance. 

It raises questions for the future of the field all the while looking back at the evolution of the industry. Whether you are someone considering to opt for architecture in your further studies, pursuing bachelors or masters in the field, considering your options for specialisations or planning to switch careers, this podcast series will help you navigate by providing you with the necessary information.

Story 1 :


Stories that Inspire


Story 2 :


An Architectural Orientation

Screenshot 2022-08-07 at 6.36_edited.jpg

Story 3 :


The Gateway To Architecture

Nikita 3.jpg

Story 4 :


Basic Education

Nikita 1.jpg

Story 5 :


Financial Stability

Story 6 :


Relevance Of The Profession

Story 7 :


Work before Practice

Story 8 :



Story 9 :


Mockery Of Verticals

Story 10 :


Work With Passion

Story 11 :



Story 12 :


Mentorship Covenant

Story 13 :



Story 14 :



Story 15 :



Story 16 :


Professional Practise

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