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Explorations of Creative Possibilities: Projects from mu.s.ex.

Musing Spatial Experiences (Mu.S.Ex.) is a think tank and design firm specializing in creating innovative, nature-inspired spaces with a combination of sustainable materials such as wood, stone, and metal. From resorts to sound studios, Mu.S.Ex. brings a unique perspective to every project. Learn more about Mu.S.Ex.'s recent projects and see how their design can bring your vision to life.

Our Foundation


It all started with Nikita stepping into the professional world which was highly economically driven. It wasn’t long before she realised that there seemed to be a lack of an understanding of human behaviour and emotions in spatial design. With this thought in mind, a need for creating a platform that would recognize and elaborate upon the Person-Place Relationship was found.  Musex was thus conceptualised with an intention to bring in all the necessary theories, evaluate and assess the interdependence of the two realms of the Environment and human Experience. This research would then bring about a change and allow for the world to be designed with empathy and consciousness towards the user.


Our Ideology


Musing Spatial Experiences (Mu.S.Ex) intends to acknowledge the intersection of Architecture and Psychology. This forum is designed with the thought of understanding and implementing the knowledge of the effects of spaces on the human psyche and the power of spatial elements in shaping human experiences. Musex is a dynamic platform that aims to encourage designers/ researchers/ academics/ individuals interested from related fields all across the world to fathom the infinite possibilities in this domain. 

Technological advances have made it possible for spaces to exist beyond the physical realm. As virtual worlds and augmented reality are taking up a lot of the mind space, the relevance of the physical space diminishes. Acknowledging this, our vision transcends beyond the physicality of spaces and objects. 


Our Opportunity


We, humans, spend a lot of our time surrounded by either the natural environment or the built set-up.  In the likes of a wind-up toy car, Musing Spatial Experiences rewinds into the past to take cognizance of the roots of architecture and its constant yet unseen mingling with the discipline of psychology and then with great force propels architecture into its next evolutionary phase of conscious design while gaining momentum. Through this approach, apart from setting an empirical framework for this brainchild, Mu.S.Ex also plans to dive into practical applications of our thoughts in the re-invention of architecture as a human-centric discipline. 

Our Vision


The ever-evolving disciplines of Architecture and Psychology have for centuries influenced each other. At Mu.S.Ex we look forward to the person-place relationship across different timelines, diversities, and environments while keeping in mind various theories and practical designs as laid down by the pioneers in the subjects to validate our insights. Our vision is to see Environmental Psychology emerge as a distinct branch to impart an understanding of this cross-disciplinary domain in the future generations while they are born and bred in a world of inclusive and conscious environments.

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