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09: Therapeutic Mileu

The built form of architecture has been historically used to create meditative, focused, spiritual and positive environments. Regional spaces are designed to the detail as given in some theological scriptures. Mental, spiritual and physiological healing spaces are all designed keeping similar ideologies in mind. Reformative Spaces designed with similar theories have shown immense amounts of transformation in the convalescent.


Thought-provoking conceptualization of using spaces as an instrument to promote mental health.

Sensitising the mind to its environment and allowing for the interaction to lead to positive influences.

Correlation of philosophy and architectural spaces that depict those philosophies.

Reflection on philosophies implemented in the architectural spaces.

  • To understand the reformative properties of architecture.

  • To analyse and formulate architectural characteristics of positive environments.

  • To scrutinize the behavioural and emotional impacts on the human mind when in positive environments.

  • To develop rationales for the fundamentals set by theological scriptures regarding spiritual spaces.


Priyanshi Shah

Simran Singla

wholistic wellbeing; therpeutic spaces; healing spaces; spatial therapy; therapeutic mileu; reformative spaces

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