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06: Human Response to Experimental Architecture

Architecture is at the threshold between Post-modern Contemporary buildings and the era of experimenting with design. Technology makes it possible to build what the architect's brain imagines, and the brain sees no boundaries to limit. Architects experiment with materials, characteristics, form, volume, etc to probe all the defining parameters of the building. The intensity of its impact on the user psyche is somehow lost to the designing brain. A clear window to the possible experiential fantasies shall allow the comprehension of the prospects of the future of the building.


The innovative reasoning capacity of an architect to design an experimental space. The evolutionary phase of typical/common form architecture to a threshold of expression of human conation and emotion. Enhanced quality of spatial contexts that strike a cord in the human brain to allow comprehension of the space. Comparison between intended emotion vs experienced emotion.

  • To propose a method of evaluating experimental architecture.

  • To gauge the implications of user engagement with the built form.

  • To develop a matrix that allows for an understanding of the possible impacts in relationship with the different characteristics of experimentation.


Nishana Shahjahan

experimental design; user engagement; enactivism; postmodern architecture; contemporary architecture

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