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04: Comprehending Interior Spaces Through the Lens of Human Emotions

Over time, the structure of the residence changed its appearance from the inside and outside. Towards a certain age, the insides took up a lot of importance stemming from the change in focus from spirituality to art. since then, man has efforted in the direction of bettering interior spaces, experimenting with all kinds of colours, textures and forms. Interior Design is one of the leading design industries of today's age, allowing designers to explore and experiment with interiors of all varieties. The resultant spaces influence human behaviour and emotion at scales ranging from emotional disturbances to behavioural disorders to mental illnesses.


Timeline of the evolution of interior spaces in terms of residential, hospitality, workplace, prenatal spaces.

Balance of social and cultural influence on man v/s individuality of man.

Impact of art movements on interior spaces.

Hierarchies of the different levels of administration in palaces/castles- spaces designed for them.

  • To study the interior spatial contexts and contents across the axes of time and geography.

  • To study in detail the juxtapositioning of various interior spaces in residential buildings and the resultant behavioral patterns in the residents.

  • To emphasize & contribute towards the evolution of birthing environments and post-natal spaces.

  • To intervene in the progress of work-space designs.

  • To study the position of genders in society and its reflection in design.

  • To comprehend the impact of cultural, social and political diversities in interiors.


Sneha Nallagoda

interior spaces; residential interiors; women psychology; individuality of man; behavioral changes; workplace productivity;

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